Kora Amruta was incorporated in the year, 1982 with the vision to become an established Global Player in Manufacturing, Marketing, Trading, Distribution, Import & Export of Building Materials & Agricultural Implements, Hardwares, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Infrastructure Development & Constructions.



Kora Amruta Exports took birth as a trading company in mumbai & later started merchant exports to various countries.


We achived a milestone in terms to turnover & Started imports & included various products to the list.


We started manufacturing various products. We also recieved our pharmaceutical manufacturing licence the year


We recived star export rating from Govt. of India. We became limited company and obtained shipping company licence and also started various new companies under our brand name.


We started various new activites world wide.


The Group has a Database of more than 100 International Customer, which was possible due to broad management vision in Understanding the Need of the Customer and giving Good and Honest Product/service to him at the Right Time. The management always keeps abreast of the latest developments in production, marketing and distribution of the products it deals with. The Management always remembers the Modern Business Philosophy of "Getting the Things done through the People" whether skilled or unskilled to meet its commitment to the respective customer in terms of Quality, Quantity and within the time frame and price profile. The Management consider that the foundation of sound professional practices to business are technical ability, integrity, commitments and enthusiasm coupled with total independence. The Group has advanced system and procedure that enable it to give high quality service with cost-effective option to its clients.


Head office of the Group is located in Mumbai Suburb, just 32 km from the city center and 10 km from International Air Port. The area of the office is 2,000 Sq. Ft., which is well equipped with modern infrastructure and Communication facilities.


Successful business requires professional support to ensure that the internal organization, systems and policies grow with the business and policies grow with the business and that the corporate plans and financial strategies should change as rapidly as the competitor's and with the same pace as a technological and commercial change. The Group has well-trained and experienced staff and associates with Specific Experience in IT industries, Manufacturing, Export- Import Procedure, Documentation, Banking, Marketing and Distribution. The staff is regularly trained in respective work areas in order to adapt well with the changing technologies and bring out the desired quality in out-put.